4 Quick Tips for QUICKSHIP from S&P USA

By Becca Lucio

S&P offers a Quickship program on select commercial products. These products are built and ready to ship in as little as one business day. We have created a Quickship catalog to easily reference the products that are available as part of this program. Download the FREE Quickship brochure today.

Take a peek inside the Quickship catalog today:




Tip 1: Use the legend to reference how long until your product ships.


These symbols are used in our Price book with the addition of the Standard Lead Times option.

Tip 2: Know the Curb Measurement


By knowing this measurement, you can quickly determine the S&P size your project may need without getting overwhelmed with all of the options. In the above image, Measure A represents the curb measurement. If your curb measurement is 20”, you would be looking at SDBD12 and SDBD14 as the properly sized fan.


Tip 3: Get it in Early for Next Day shipments

To meet our next day shipments, orders must be processed BEFORE Noon EST. This allows our team the time to prepare your fan for shipment. If you do not get it processed in time, the shipment will ship out the following business day. Get it in early to ensure you get it shipped quickly.

Tip 4: Download the FREE S&P USA Digital catalog today


Download this resource from S&P to quickly reference the fan you need. This digital resource is kept updated so you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.


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