Optisizer: Building a Fan in a Snap

By Becca Lucio

Optisizer is a state-of-the-art fan selection program designed by Soler & Palau Ventilation Group: North American Division to help industry professionals choose the most suitable product for every application.

This web-based program allows you to obtain product information, submittal drawings, fan performance details and specifications wherever you are in the world. From the job site to office, your projects are always readily available to you. By being 100% online, you will never have to worry about downloading updates or using the same computer.

With Optisizer, you can follow a project from the initial fan selection through the bidding and submittal phases to placing the order. A selection wizard guides you through the fan selection process by simply entering the volume and static pressure required.

Optisizer makes it easily quote, bid and order projects in a snap! 

New to Optisizer? Click here to request a login. Looking to train on Optisizer? Visit our classes at S&P University.

Why should you use Optisizer?

  • Easily quote, bid and order products
  • 100% Online - No more Updates!
  • Ability to Share with your Colleagues
  • A guided wizard makes sure you are ordering the correct item for your project
  • Access to the Literature that matters most-Instruction manuals, submittals, fan performance metrics, and specifications

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