Going green with ECOWATT® Products

By Paige Stephenson

Historically, HVAC equipment has accounted for around 35% of the carbon emissions in a typical building. S&P USA recognizes the importance of reducing this number and has focused for many years on creating more efficient ventilation products.

Soler & Palau's mission to be more sustainable and efficient led to the creation of the Ecowatt® Standard.

What is Ecowatt®?

S&P USA's Ecowatt® products are our most energy-efficient models. These products use Electronically Commutated (EC) or Direct Current (DC) motors to decrease energy consumption and go through rigorous testing to ensure efficiency. 

Our line of Ecowatt® products spans our residential and commercial product lines and includes motor control accessories and systems that reduce energy consumption.

Why is it Important?

Using Ecowatt® products allows you to easily meet energy-efficient codes where necessary.

For the product's end consumer, these products mean savings in long-term energy cost, extended time between services, and versatility in application.

As a company, we take pride in developing energy-efficient products and are excited to create a legacy to leave for future generations.

Commercial Ecowatt® Products

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Residential Ecowatt® Products

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Ecowatt® Accessories

ecowatt driveEC Differential pressure controlECM multi speed control

What's Next?

S&P USA is constantly researching new ways to make our products more energy-efficient and developing new Ecowatt® products. You can keep up with our latest Ecowatt® products by visiting

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