Fresh Air in Guest's Home Away from Home

By Hugo Kurona

As buildings are being built with higher quality construction methods, balanced ventilation is more important than ever. An unbalanced building results in poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), causing poor conditions for hotels.

IAQ refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures. The air indoors is often 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside due to buildings’ tighter installation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now ranks indoor air quality as one of the TOP FIVE environmental health risks.

Poor IAQ can result in allergies, headache, cough, asthma, and other breathing difficulties. Long time exposure can lead to cancer, liver disease, and kidney damage. A buildup of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can negatively impact thinking and decision making. Hotels have many unique problems when dealing with Indoor Air Quality, from location to higher cleaning standards. 

The solution to all of these problems is balanced air exchange. S&P USA recommends a good, better, best approach in meeting this goal.

Good: Supply only or Exhaust Only
This solution provides new air to dilute the air or exhausts the dirty air. This solution allows the introduction of fresh air or the removal of old air but does not provide a balanced solution.

Better: Supply Fan + Exhaust Fan OR Filtered Supply Unit
Pairing an inline fan, such as a TD-Mixvent or motorized damper with an inline Exhaust fan
such as a Premium CHOICE fan, will provide a balanced air solution.
Another option is to use a filtered supply fan, such as reFresh. This provides new air that has
been filtered to remove outside particulates that would further contaminate the air.

Best: Filtered Supply Fan + Exhaust Fan or Energy Recover Ventilator

S&P USA's export department has a long history of helping with airport ventilation from Jamaica to India. No project is too big for them. Hugo Kurona, S&P USA's Export Manager, has put together a case study that covers the problems unique to an airport, their effects on occupants and the building itself, and solutions to meet proper ventilation as achieved by the export department of S&P USA Ventilation Systems, LLC. 

Discover how these factors are solved through proper ventilation.

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