Powerful, Sleek, and Efficient | IFFTe

By Paige Stephenson

S&P USA's family of Jet Fans is growing! In December of 2021, we introduced IFFTe to our Jet Fan Series. 

Jet Fans, including IFFTe, are an alternative to traditional ducted parking garage ventilation. By not requiring ductwork, jet fans can save up to 13" of clearance per floor of the garage. This saves money in construction and material costs and creates a more aesthetically pleasing design.

Jet Fan Series
There are two primary types of jet fans, axial and centrifugal. S&P USA currently offers IFAB, IFEB, IFFT, and IFFTe centrifugal jet fans and TJFU axial jet fans. The primary difference between the two is the plume they induce.

IFFTe is a centrifugal jet fan that provides a plume with inclination to help avoid beams and obstructions. This differs from the plume of an axial jet fan which induces a horizontal plume.Jet Fan Plume

IFFTe's low-profile design makes it more versatile in usage within the parking garage. IFFTe is suitable for high ceiling parking garages, as the tilted plume allows the Jet Fan to be installed on the ceiling while providing air movement closer to the ground.

While the general design and function of ITTFe has been seen before in our IFFT model, IFFTe utilizes the latest in EC model technology. This technology makes IFFTe more efficient and decreases energy consumption.

IFFTe combines powerful performance (airflow up to 5238 CFM) with a sleek design and efficient motor to create a well-rounded option for parking garage ventilation. 

Learn more about our complete line of Jet Fans and IFFTe on our website.

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