Quality Air for a Healthy Lifestyle | Increasing your IAQ

By Becca Lucio

Today’s construction practices have created structures that are tighter and more energy-efficient than ever. Vapor barriers, caulking, high R-value insulation, better windows, and tighter joints have resulted in less air infiltration and more efficient spaces. Pollutants such as PM2.5 particulate matter, Radon Gas, pet dander, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) resulting from furniture off-gassing and the use of common household cleaners, air fresheners, perfumes, hairspray (formaldehyde), and adhesives can pose serious risks to our physical health.

Everyday activities such as showering, cooking, laundry, and even breathing are ways that moisture is generated in your home. An average family of four can produce 3 gallons of water vapor in just 24 hours! Moisture trapped in buildings leads to structural damage, including heavy condensation on windows and sills, and mold forming inside spaces.

As we spend more time indoors, it's important to think about the quality of the air we're breathing. Increasing your Indoor Air Quality through good, better, and best solutions from S&P is simple. 

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Good Outside Air Solutions from S&P

Good outside air solutions are created using one product from our Outside Air Solution product line. These are configured to be supply or exhaust fans. This will not create a balanced air solution required by the building code. However, they offer a cost-efficient way to introduce fresh air to a tightly sealed home and are a good introduction to increasing indoor air quality to the building. 

Better Outside Air Solutions from S&P

Better Outside Air solutions pair two products to create a balanced air solution. A balanced air solution is important to meeting building codes.  Another better solution, reFresh Filtered Supply Fan Series,  provides filtered air from the outside eliminating pollen and particles that cause allergies. 

Best Outside Air Solutions from S&P

There are two top-of-the-line ways to meet the Indoor Air Quality needs of your home.

Option 1: Using a reFresh filtered supply fan to introduce filtered outside air with a MERV 13 filter to capture particulates as small as PM2.5. Pair your reFresh with an exhaust option, including TD inline fans or  Premium Choice fan. This solution allows clean filtered air to be introduced while exhausting contaminated air where it is created. This balanced solution is the easiest code solution S&P has. 

Option 2: A TR Total Recovery Energy Recovery Ventilator is the best solution that money can buy. Although it can be an investment from the beginning, TRs saves energy by transferring temperature and moisture through their patented resin core, allowing outside air to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter before it enters your home. This difference can save on the overall cost of air conditioning and heating a home. 

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