Nobody has FAITH in our Support Services like we do!

By Becca Lucio

If you’ve ever called in S&P’s Support Services department, one of the ladies you may have spoken to is Faith Gray-Washington, S&P USA employee of 16 years. She started with S&P USA in 2004 when we were still Briedert as the receptionist. Not one to sit and just answer phones, Faith quickly picked up shipping, customer service, and technical knowledge as well. The knowledge of all aspects of S&P USA serves Faith well in her current role as Support Specialist II.


Faith is our office encyclopedia with a brain chock full of legacy products and technical support solutions. Her ample knowledge and willingness to help means that she is the first person that nearly everyone in the office seeks out. She is always involved in 3 to 4 projects at the time and the lady in charge when it comes to warranty. Faith loves speaking with customers to assist them with questions and help offer unique solutions to tough problems. If she wasn’t in Support Services, she would still be a position that she interacts with and helps people because she truly enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.

Outside of S&P, Faith enjoys cooking, decorating, and traveling. Our team loves when she brings in her breakfast casserole or from-scratch Banana Pudding. She volunteers with her church, loves spending time with her family, and sometimes, just does absolutely nothing. The support of her family is something that she could not live without and is very thankful for them. Her superpower is her perseverance; always willing to try and try again until she masters it.

Faith is just one member of our Support Service and Technical Support team here to help you Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST by phone at 1-800-961-7370, via Live Chat at, and by email at They look forward to helping you with your ventilation needs. 

 Fast Five with Faith:

  1. I like decorating, cooking & traveling
  2. I know how to sew
  3. I couldn’t live without The support of my family
  4.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time volunteering at church, spending time with family or sometimes just doing absolutely nothing
  5. My superpower is Perseverance

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