Poeu Yan - S&P’s Jack of All Trades

By Becca Lucio

When you go over to our assembly line, you can pick out Poeu Yan easily. She is always smiling, even behind her mask these days. Poeu is originally from Cambodia, moving to Thailand when she was eight years old. In 1984, she eventually moved to the US to pursue other opportunities. She landed here in Jacksonville, Florida and never left. “The weather reminds me of home; not too hot, not too cold, just right!” says Poeu.poeu

Poeu has worked at S&P USA for 15 years. Poeu says there isn’t much she hasn’t touched throughout the warehouse. First as a night shift assembler on the STB line, she was then cross trained in the Motor and Wheel departments as well on the STXB line. She loves working her current position in the Red line building SDBDs, RCXs, CWDs, and AREs because she likes the work and the team.  Poeu is also in charge of making grease grabbers, grease containers and hinge kits. “Poeu is a very hard worker who takes pride in her work. She never calls off, and is always on time. She is always smiling, and will do anything in her power to get the job done. Plus she is just a fantastic human being.” says her supervisor, Ross Sharp.

Although she loves Jacksonville, she misses Cambodia. She often cooks Cambodian food to remind her of home when she can’t make it back. In her free time, she enjoys turning off everything and sitting on her back porch to relax. She enjoys taking the time to listen to the Florida wildlife as they transport her to another time and place.

Fast Five with Poeu

1. I like Cambodian food because it reminds me of home.

2. I know how to cook.  

3. I couldn’t live without my family.  

4. In my free time, I turn off everything and relax, especially in my backyard.

5. If I had a superpower, I would want to travel quickly so I can go back to my country whenever I want.

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