Jet Fan Applications

By Becca Lucio

Jet Fan ApplicationsNow that we’ve covered the basics of Jet Fans in our first blog, What is a Jet Fan? It’s time to get a better understanding of how Jet Fans are used.

The Jet Fan concept comes from the experience of longitudinal ventilation in tunnels. By setting up fans in a linear line, you push all air that needs to be extracted in one longitudinal direction. Jet Fans are set up to induce (or push) air into one direction towards an extract point.traditional parking gargage

Traditional ducted parking garage ventilation used fresh air drawn in via access ramps, louvers shafts or supplied by fans via ductwork in the roof. Extract grilles would push the air out at various locations; high, low or both. Ductwork would limit the location of the flowing air; often in straight lines.traditional duct work

Issues seen in traditional ductwork

Jet Fans induce air throughout the parking garage by pushing air from fan to fan creating jet streams. Air flows from inlets and is pushed throughout the parking garage, minimizing or eliminating stagnant air. The direct focused flow of air allows the elimination of ductwork.parking garage with jet fans

When deciding if Jet Fans are the right solution for you, we have established a few questions to evaluate your parking ventilation problem.

  1. What is the square footage of the project? Knowing this information will allow you to estimate the exact number of Jet Fans and additional fans that will be necessary to meet code.
  2. Where will your exhaust and intake points be located? Understanding these points will help create the right Jet Fan configuration for your needs.
  3. What obstacles will you encounter in your construction? This would include columns, beams, etc.

S&P USA is always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us if you need further assistance in selecting the right Jet Fan for your project.

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