THREE Reasons to consider a Dryer Booster Fan

By Paige Stephenson

Historically, clothes dryers have been located along exterior walls of a dwelling, allowing for short duct runs and low static pressure. As design trends have changed and the popularity of mixed-use buildings has increased, dryers have been relocated to more central locations. 

This reason, among others, has created the need for ventilation and the use of dryer booster fans. Continue reading to learn three reasons to consider using a dryer booster fan and what solutions S&P USA offers.

1. Decrease drying times

When a dryer runs without a dryer booster, lint can begin to build up in the ductwork. This build-up of lint increases drying times and becomes a serious safety concern.

2. Lower energy bills

Using dryer booster fans to clear lint from ductwork makes dryers operate more efficiently, lowering homeowners' energy bills.

3. Meet building codes

Some applications will require a dryer booster to keep the home safe. For example, The International Mechanical Code limits duct runs to 35 feet or less unless an engineering judgment can be made allowing a longer run. To extend duct runs over 35 feet, a clothes dryer booster fan must be installed. 


Our Solutions

S&P USA's booster fans have been specifically designed to overcome long and complicated duct runs, which improves dryer performance and safety. Our selection includes PV-POWERVENT In-line Centrifugal Duct Fan, PRF Radon Mitigation Fan, SWF-SIDEWALL Sidewall Centrifugal Fan, and compatible accessories.

DEDPV Loose w TableThe newest addition to our selection of dryer booster products is PV-DEDPV Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator. The PV-DEDPV is an inline fan installed in clothes dryer systems to increase safety and allows architects/designers to locate the laundry room interior to the dwelling (instead of limiting them to only exterior walls) and still meet the  International Mechanical Code (IMC). You can learn more about PV-DEDPV in part one and part two of our blog series.

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