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How to Remove the Motor of our TD-MIXVENT Fan

S&P USA's TD-MIXVENT In-line Mixed Flow Duct Fans have been designed with the professional contractor and engineer in mind....

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Build your Tool Box with Resources from S&P USA!

At S&P USA, we’re here to help you be successful with S&P products and the HVAC industry. If you landed on our blog, that’s the...

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Installing your Premium CHOICE Module in THREE easy Steps!

Soler & Palau Premium CHOICE Fans offer an easy solution for bathroom ventilation. With 5 different models to choose from, these...

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The average US resident spends 86.9% of their life indoors: How do you stack up?

Before we start, we’re going to take it back to school and require a little math. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple but an...

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